Definitely something to add to a new mommy’s peace of mind! I will have to remember this one when we plan our friend’s baby shower next month!
Lifenest to be a product that every new or expecting parent will need! In all I found the Lifenest to be a safe sleeping solution for baby, and a product that will not only help baby sleep in a safer environment, but also help to prevent baby from developing flat head syndrome.
This mattress has been better than expected! Kate always sleeps comfortably on it and I love knowing her little head has less chance of becoming flat.
To reduce the risk of sudden infant death syndrome for her newborn, Michelle Sturchio-Grant diligently followed her pediatrician’s advice: Put baby to sleep on his back...A range of products to prevent flat-head syndrome are available, though physicians have not weighed in on their efficacy. One such device, the LifeNest Sleeping System by UBIMED, allows babies’ heads to move more freely when sleeping and it has been listed with the Food and Drug Administration as an approved medical device helping to prevent plagiocephaly...
I always kept a pretty sparse nursery. I wasn’t big on many baby accessories, including sleep positioners...
Having a newborn again, even though it hasn't been that long since the LAST time I had one, really makes me think about sleep safety. Every time I lay Little Miss Princess down for a nap or at night, I think about where I'm putting her, I check to make sure no stray toys had assistance hopping into the bed and that there are no blankets around. When she's not swaddled, she likes to do her best to flop onto her belly already, so I have to check on her more periodically than I did the boys. She sleeps so much better on her belly, but I'm always worried about her not being able to breathe very well or spitting up and having a mess in her face.When I read about the  lifenest sleeping system, I knew I had to check it out because it addresses the exact anxieties I have about Little Miss Princess' sleeping!
The Medina Family, New York
We read about the Lifenest sleep system and decided to give it a try. We are extremely happy with what the Lifenest Sleep System is able to do for our Tyler. We truly do sleep better because we know our baby is sleeping safer. Thank you Lifenest.
The Gardenhire Family, Minnesota
After reading about the benefits the Lifenest sleep system offers we felt we had to give it a try and we are so glad we did. We really do sleep better knowing our baby is sleeping safer with the Lifenest sleep system.
The Waltham Family, California

Like most parents when we were pregnant with Chelsea we did a ton of research on all different baby products. When a friend of ours suggested we look into a sleeping device to protect our newborn from suffocation. Of all the products on the market, we came to the conclusion that the Lifenest sleep system was indeed the best product in its class. I’ve recommended the Lifenest Sleep system to many of my friends and co-workers.