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Robert M. Landaw M.D.

Diplomate, American Board of Pediatrics, Los Angeles
Although the frequency of SIDS has decreased in the US since babies were placed on their back for sleeping, the frequency of positional flat head has increased. I think that the LifeNest features will help to prevent this positional Plagiocephaly while keeping babies in a safe back-sleeping position.

Steven G. Becker, D.C.

Diplomate, American Chiropractic Academy of Neurology
Eligible, American Board of Chiropractic Orthopedics Qualified Medical Evaluator
I can’t say enough about your product. LifeNest clearly represents a new, proactive and natural approach to positional Plagiocephaly than the older types of constrictive helmets. Instead of treating Plagiocephaly, after it occurs from too firm mattresses, LifeNest proactively decreases Plagiocephaly’s occurrence in the first place. It is natural, in that it is not constrictive to my patient’s new infants and it is incorporated directly into the mattress. Given its obvious benefits- it is well conceived.


Created by renowned ear, nose and throat pediatric surgeon specialist, Dr. Jose Bensoussan, UBIMED’s patented LifeNest Sleeping System was specifically designed to ensure the highest level of comfort and safety for babies while they rest. The LifeNest’s coversheet...


According to a 2009 article in Pediatrics, the official journal of the American Academy of Pediatrics, infant mortality rates attributed to accidental suffocation and strangulation in bed increased from 2.8 deaths to 12.5 deaths per 100,000 live births from 1984 to 2004...

The LifeNest Sleeping System was developed by an ear, nose and throat surgeon who specializes in pediatrics to help ensure babies are breathing easily while sleeping — which helps you breathe easier, too! LifeNest is...

Additionally, the mesh hammock of the LifeNest allows liquids and mucus to pass through it, helping to prevent against smothering. The LifeNest fits securely on any standard crib and is easily portable for parents on the go...

This was the huge giveaway package, including items from LifeNest, Natursutten (pacifiers & teething ring), Skoy Cloths, Happy Baby (coupons & baby book), Lansinoh (Affinity Breast Pump & Accessories), Spry, EcoMom ($50 Gift Card) & Zoe B! The prize package was...

The LifeNest Sleeping System was created by ear, nose and throat specialist, Dr. Jose Bensoussan. LifeNest is patented and was specially designed to ensure the highest level of comfort and safety for your bundle of joy. The LifeNest mesh hammock cradles your baby, while maintaining the recommended baby-on-back sleeping position, while allowing baby to have unrestricted movements. The breathable hammock allows baby to freely breath, even if he/she turns accidentally on their tummy….

The UbiMED® LifeNest is a patented sleep system designed by physicians. It's not a baby positioner as it doesn't include bolsters. The LifeNest is more like a hammock. The LifeNest has netting with air channels allowing your little one to breathe freely even if they flop onto their tummies. The curved support of the netting lets your baby feel like they're being cuddled.

The Suburban Housewife Blog
The LifeNest Sleeping System is a highly breathable, ventilated hammock for your baby to sleep on. It us safe and ergonomic. Does it get any better than that? You simply secure it to the crib slats! It sleeps nothing like a regular crib mattress and will allow your infant to get a more comfortable nights rest.

Paducah Parenting Family Magazine
In a 2009 article in Pediatrics, infant mortality rates attributed to accidental suffocation & strangulation in bed increased from 2.8 deaths to 12.5 deaths per 100,000 live births from 1984 - 2004. LifeNest Sleeping System from UBIMED (www.lifenest.com) is listed with the FDA as a medical device helping to preventPlagiocephaly (commonly referred to as flat head syndrome in infants.)