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Which size do I need?

The Lifenest Mattress Topper is installed on top of your standard cot mattress – see diagram below. Two standard cot sizes are sold in the UK: 70cm wide and 60cm wide. Choose the correct lifenest to suit your cot size. Do not allow more than 2 fingers between the Lifenest and the foot or sides of the cot. If you require more advice please email us on
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70cm wide Lifenest
RRP £143.95
You Pay
60cm wide Lifenest
RRP £138.95
You Pay
Lifenest® helps prevent Cot Death (SIDS*) by:
  • Reducing the re-breathing risk
  • Reducing the suffocation risk
  • Reducing the overheating risk
  • Allowing liquids or mucus elimination
  • Encouraging the back-sleeping position
Lifenest® helps prevent flathead by:
  • Providing baby’s head with a comfortable soft surface
  • Increasing the head’s contact surface area

    *Sudden Infant Death Syndrome

Lifenest helps prevent cot death and helps keep your baby safe

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The Lifenest mattress coversheet helps prevent SIDS by improving airflow and Breathability.

  • Lifenest’s hammock design provides crucial airflow and breathability to a newborn’s sleeping area.
  • Soft mesh technology allows babies to breathe easily through the netting if they roll over.
  • Liquids and secretions pass right through the netting to help avoid any potentially dangerous airflow blockages.
  • Venting channels quickly eliminate the CO2 a baby breathes out for better oxygenation.
  • Breathable Lifenest fitted sheets* are specially designed to work with the Lifenest mattress topper

Life Nest Helps prevent flathead

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  • Lifenest’s unique woven cradle contours to the shape of a baby’s head to avoid damaging pressure.
  • Lifenest’s contact surface with a baby’s head is larger than conventional mattresses, allowing a more even distribution of pressure.
  • Pressure is redistributed away from soft spots.

    46.7% of babies are affected by Flat Head Syndrome, according to a Canadian study.

    Unlike firm mattresses, which can apply damaging pressure, the Lifenest mattress topper’s innovative hammock gently cradles a newborn’s malleable skull. On a Lifenest, the contact surface for a baby’s head is up to four times larger compared to a normal baby bed mattress and redistributes pressure away from soft spots. Lifenest helps relieve critical pressure on a baby’s head.

Lifenest is comfortable and promotes better sleep

  • Naturally maintains babies in a comfortable back sleeping position.
  • Promotes relaxation and better sleep by allowing unrestricted movements.
  • Reduces overheating and sweating.
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Lifenest Awards and Certification

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Greenguard Gold certified

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CE marked

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Parent Tested Parent Approved winner

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National Parenting Centre Seal of Approval

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Creative Child Magazine Top Choice award

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FDA listed as Medical Device class 1 # D118408

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Juvenile Products Manufacturers Association

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